BLACK NEW MEDIA (BNM) is a full-service multimedia development & graphic design agency that’s been creating web sites, print collateral, and dynamic content since 1994.

BNM is an industry leader in interactive technologies, usability and user interface design. Our finished products effectively communicate ideas, information, and keep our clients (and our clients’ clients) happy. We adhere to strict design standards to ensure maximum usability.

BNM works with a huge variety of clients – from small business to large corporations – to deliver cutting-edge, user-friendly and compelling online experiences for worldwide distribution. BNM handles all aspects of production in-house to deliver projects on time & on budget.



    Before production begins we ascertain your needs & wants; then we create a strategic plan that communicates the right messages for your project.
    We involve our clients in every step of the design process, incorporating feedback until the design is finalized.
    We determine the scope of the project, create a budget and timeline, and we stick to them.
    Everyone at BNM comes from large agencies. We all have that “big-time” experience, but we keep our teams small and focused on you. We don’t have a sales team, and we only take projects that fit our core skills.



BLACK NEW MEDIA was in business with the “big dogs” when the Internet was in diapers and the WWW churned over 14.4 Kbps modems …

Co-founder Duncan Black cut his teeth working for Arthur Anderson, Harty Communications, Fast Lane Communications and more before he headed EDS’ highly-funded creative offshoot “c20 firm” in Dallas, TX where he developed & maintained web sites for Hachette Filapacchi publications including Car and Driver, Road and Track, Elle magazine, Premiere magazine, Eating Well and Travel Holiday.

Co-founder Alyson (Geye) Black helped form Austin’s first-ever Internet Service Providers (Constant Communications and Nabi Networks) which expanded its services to offer web design/development for businesses.

Black & Geye joined technical & creative forces, relocated to Los Angeles, CA and opened a booming digital service bureau & web design business, procuring big clients such as Warner Brothers Records/Warner Music Group, Artist Direct Network, Los Angeles Times, Interscope Records and countless others. Click here for client list.

Always innovative and ahead-of-the-curve, Black New Media toured the globe (almost all of it) with Marilyn Manson during the “Guns, God & Government Tour”, documenting the tour (on-stage, back-stage, day-to-day) with digital still and video cameras to provide streaming video for millions of online viewers, also while maintaining the official Marilyn Manson web site network. This was the first time in history that a band documented its tour online, and BNM made it happen. (As a result of our success working with Marilyn Manson and the Interscope Record label, BNM was awarded the opportunity to tour/document other bands such as Jane’s Addiction, Disturbed, Ted Nugent and more).

BNM rode the wave of the Dot-Com era with wild abandon, working with a myriad of clients from rockstars to restaurants/retail to large business (and everything in between) providing print design, web design and multimedia services during a time when creativity and budgets flowed, and new technologies enabled mind-blowing functionality & interactivity (video! Flash! PHP).

When the Dot-Com bubble burst, companies folded and the money ran out. BNM was there to pick-up the pieces. We assumed operations of several defunct entities, automated their systems, and integrated new technologies that allowed operations to continue for less cost. BNM continues to stay ahead of technology and find new ways to automate and innovate.

Through the years, BNM has teamed with great designers, developers and programmers, and has been privileged to work with great clients, learning and evolving our craft, whilst forming great relationships with our clients & co-workers.

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